Unless you plan to burn yourself out cooking and baking for your next big event you’re going to want to hire a caterer. But what do you look for?

Here are five important things to keep in mind when hiring a caterer…

1. Communication – Regardless of the venue, food type, and your budget, you need to choose a caterer that is flexible and communicative. Yes, it’s up to you to be available to answer questions and make decisions but your caterer needs to be the one who’s instigating the communication. This ensures that everything goes smoothly and stays on budget.

2. What’s included? – Don’t be surprised if you run into catering companies that don’t tell you the full story up front. There could be any number of hidden fees and caveats that you want to avoid. Make sure your catering vendor is being very clear up front about ALL the charges and items included in your event, even payment processing fees and taxes.

3. Dietary issues – Is your caterer familiar with particular dietary requirements? If you need to be sensitive to vegetarian, kosher, or gluten free diets make sure your caterer is qualified to provide meals that fulfill your requirements.

4. Experience – It’s a little known fact that it’s difficult to cook for large parties. (Try it and you’ll see what I mean!) Vegetables tend to be overcooked, meats can be over seasoned and tough – not great. Does your caterer have successful events under their belt with good client references?

5. Price – It’s one thing for a caterer to have a set price menu they serve but it’s quite another for an empathetic caterer to do their best to work within your budget. For sure, you may run into a situation where your financial resources dictate a very slimmed down affair, but wouldn’t you rather work with a caterer who does their best to maximize your dollars? It’s amazing what a little creativity can do for a stretched budget.

And if you have an adequate budget to really throw a lavish event? Well, it’s just as important that your caterer is a good steward of your financial resources and won’t take advantage.

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