Are planning a wedding, a reunion or business event for this summer but short on time?  Here are a few tips that can save you time and money.

Don’t Panic.  As summer is the peak season for weddings and large group events you may find that many locations are already booked but don’t panic there are dozens of venues -parks, halls, boats, and recreation centers in Snohomish County.  You just need to find the person that can point you in the right direction.  Read on

Develope a Budget.  Think about how much you would like to spend and what is the maximum limit that you would consider.

Put Together Some Details.  With any event there are alot of details to work out to make sure your bases are covered.  Although you may find a company that can provide all your needs they will need to know important details that only you can provide such as 1) Time and Date of your event, 2) Desired area/location, 3)Anticipated number of invitations to be sent out, 4)If food is served what kind of foods you would like to see or DO NOT want to have and 5) Any personal ideas that you might want incorporated.  These details are important as they will help caterers, venues and other professionals create elements of your event.

Look For A Company That Can Provide You With The Most Service.  These companies may be found listed as Event Planning companies or they will may have a company name that gives it away for example my company is Joy Max Catering and Events.  Let them know what your budget is and what ideas you have in mind.  Sometimes you will end up getting discounts on the different services when they are offered as a bundled package and you will save time, your time, as the company will put in the time to find the services you need in accordance with your budget. These companies may also have knowledge of different less known resources.

My company is unique in that we offer many services besides Catering such as Event Planning, Wedding Cakes, Inflateables, Venue/Locations, Bar Servics, Floral, Rental (tables, chairs, linens, etc), Photography referals, Party Favors, Center Pieces, Games and Activites …….  Our goal is provide you the services you need to make YOUR event memorable while keeping your budget in mind.  Also to include you the client in every aspect while we do the phone calls, the number crunching and getting vendors you need.

To wrap this all up, afterall we are talking about time, it is not to late for that summer event just grab a pen and paper or lap top, a cup of your beverage of choice and use the tips above and this could be the best summer yet.